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clean room installation ventilation

clean room installation ventilation

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Product Description
Our solid expertise in cleanroom allows meeting the precise needs of its customer's industry in different sectors such as health,pharmaceutical,biotechnology,and cosmetics we firmly believe in the principle of Quality by design.
Class 100 to Class 100000, ISO 5 to ISO 8, Class B to Class D
Project include
1. Structure: Wall Panel, Ceiling Panel, Windows, Doors, Various Fittings, Flooring
2.Electric: Lighting, Switch, Cables, Wires, Power Distribution Cabinet, etc
3.HVAC: AHU, Ducting, Piping, Chiller, dehumidifier, etc.
4.Auto-control: PLC Controller, Sensors for Humidity and Temperature, Control Panel
5. Process Piping System: Gas, Water Pipeline
As clients request
Pharmaceutical Industry
Qualification Documents
Our Service
Professional Consultation, User-friendly English Sofaware, 24 hours technical support,Foreign installation and commissioning
Wall Systems
Our Project walls are composed of prefabricated mono-bloc modules. Patented modular grid fixing rails with the appropriate cover strips ensure flush, airtight finishes. The individual wall modules are just clipped together as you proceed. Quite simple and yet very solid.
cleanroom walls can always be customized to meet every need. Module width,module height, height of the glass, cutout sizes, etc.are variable dimensions.
GMP double layer glass walls are made entirely of glass. This glass is resistant to almost any chemicals. It neither can be scratched nor dented and adhered dirt can be removed easily.
Wall & Ceiling
Cleanroom Doors
The door systems are as revolving doors, sliding door and rolling gate available. Full filling the most exacting demands of clean room classes, the door panel can be set under reduced pressure. This reduces the particle emission.
Clean room Technology
Cleanrooms operate under very strict internal air conditions that require HVAC systems to not only provide close-band temperature limits , but also humidity control and very high efficiency filtration.The HVAC systems are to delivery air change rates that are far in excess of normal atmospheric conditions & ensure a low particle count for applications such as high quality product manufacture or scientific and medical research.

We kindly needs following information to design your clean room

And this includes
Design and engineering
Conceptual design studies
Supply and installation
Electrical Services
HVAC System
Validation and Commissioning
Furniture Fit Outs
Reference Project
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Sandwich panel

We could supply sandwich panels with inner PU,EPS,honeycomb,AEPS series with thickness 50mm,75mm,125mm and Steel Sheet Thickness: 0.4-0.6mm

Dynamic Pass box

Pass box as an auxiliary device of a clean room, mainly used to deliver small objects between clean area and clean area , unclean area and clean area . In order to reduce doors opening times of clean room, to mixmum reduce the pollution of the clean area.

Air shower

This is a kind of local purifying equipment, fixed on the partition between clean room and unclean room. It is used for shower and removing dust when personnel or objects entering into clean area. Effectively reduce dust source from entering into clean area after used, and keep clean area in normal working state. 

Clean booth

Clean room (simple clean room) (CLEAN BOOTH) is the most convenient to establish a simple clean room, clean room with a variety of clean grade and space collocation can be used according to the needs of design, so the simple use of elastic installation as the main characteristic of shift easily and short construction period and at the same time

Packing & Delivery
Our Service

Cleanroom Design

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Company Information
This product has been highly recommended with unparalleled economic benefits. The product helps PHARMA create huge profit value for customers.
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