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Classification Of Ovens

Classification Of Ovens


Ovens can be divided into programmable ovens, precision ovens, nitrogen-filled ovens, vacuum ovens, explosion-proof ovens, electric blast drying ovens, and hot air circulation ovens according to their performance. Fang Fan is suitable for components that need to be dried and heated in all walks of life.


Ovens can be divided into:

Electronics industry, instrumentation, plastics and rubber, electrical equipment, electrical inlays, printing, glasses, pharmaceuticals, textile printing and dyeing, machinery, synthetic fibers, wood, friction materials


The oven can be divided into two types according to the shape: horizontal oven and vertical oven

Ovens are distinguished by rated temperature, which can generally be divided into:

Low temperature oven: below 100℃, generally used for aging of electrical products, slow drying of common materials, drying of some food raw materials, plastics and other products.

Normal temperature oven: 100-250℃, which is the most common temperature used for moisture drying, coating curing, heating, heating, and heat preservation of most materials.

High temperature oven: 250-400 ℃, high temperature drying of special materials, heating installation of workpieces, high temperature testing of materials, reaction treatment of chemical raw materials, etc.

Ultra-high temperature oven: 400-600 ℃, higher working temperature, high temperature drying special materials, workpiece heating heat treatment, material high temperature test, etc.


Classification of oven air supply methods and their respective applicability: The oven air supply methods are divided into horizontal air supply and vertical air supply.


Here we specially introduce the SUZHOU PHARMA pharmaceutical GMP oven

The heating source includes steam, electricity and electric steam. The temperature is used in three ways: the temperature is automatically controlled and recorded by a recorder; the inner wall of the box is fully welded, and various transitions are made of excessive arcs without dead ends. The whole machine has good sealing performance, and the unique guide rail sealing device ensures the sealing performance of the whole machine; the air inlet is equipped with a high-efficiency air filter; the moisture exhaust port is equipped with a medium-efficiency air filter.

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