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Christmas Party

Christmas Party


On December 22, 2021, on a sunny day, a group of our company came to Orange Villa to celebrate the coming Christmas Eve and Christmas.


1. We prepared the ingredients: We brought a lot of ingredients, especially Gino. Kevin teased him and said that he was moving his house.


2. We decorated the venue: This Christmas tree is really luxurious, and the tree beauty is even more beautiful.


3. We sang: This Christmas coincides with Spencer’s birthday, and we are singing a happy birthday song.


4. We ate foods: what a hearty meal, everyone wears very festive.


5. We were in hot springs: Outdoor hot springs in winter, although the outdoor temperature is very cold, the hot spring water is very hot, enjoy it.


6. We danced: dancing is indispensable in happy days, let's move together.


7. We played games: Balloon volleyball and blindfolded each other, everyone had a great time playing.


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