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Chip Jumping And Fragmentation Of Common Faults Of Tablet Press-8

Chip Jumping And Fragmentation Of Common Faults Of Tablet Press-8


8. chip jumping and debris

Fault condition:

The tablet is too bouncing or broken when it is knocked out

Cause of failure:

(1) the strip is improperly adjusted, and the lower punching surface is lower than the middle mold plane. Make the tablet jump or even crush when it comes out. (2) the fixing screws of the middle mold are loose, and the middle mold is raised to block the strip

Fault prevention and treatment:

(1) adjustment of film output

Turn the hand wheel to raise the lower punch to the highest position, and observe whether the lower punch surface is aligned with the plane of the middle die (either high or low will affect the chip output). If it is not aligned, loosen the butterfly screw, loosen the gear pressing plate and transfer the upper adjusting gear to make the lower punch surface flush with the plane of the middle die, then press the pressing plate and tighten the butterfly screw.

At this point, shake the hand wheel manually, and the idle vehicle runs for more than ten revolutions. If the machine operates normally, it can be fed for pressure test, and the next adjustment can be carried out.

(2) adjust and tighten the middle mold


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