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Canada Explosion-Proof Clean Room

Canada Explosion-Proof Clean Room


This is ISO7 clean room for hand sanitizer production line.

Considering part of the alcohol content, so we custom explosion-proof clean room clean grade ISO7. The Internal PVC floor, GMP sandwich panels, LED lights, FFU units all choose explosion-proof type. A forced ventilation system installed in the critical area to ensure that the internal air is forced out.

All internal switch sockets are explosion-proof and wiring is available in UL or CSA standard (local requirement).


Through many technical exchanges, we have designed for customers GMP double layer observation windows, equipment conveyor belt location and height, raw materials into the warehouse, buffer room, changing room,and special request the height we design till 3.5m (our cleanroom design can custom the square meters and cleanroom height as specific production requirements)


We have done a detailed installation manual, guidance video, and online communication learning. In the end, the customer completed the installation efficiently and was very satisfied with our service.

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