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Best Sold Short Extraction Time Supercritical Co2 Extraction Equipment For CBD crude oil

Best Sold Short Extraction Time Supercritical Co2 Extraction Equipment For CBD crude oil

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                10L CO2 Supercritical Extraction Machine
 1Extraction Kettle10L / 50MpaSUS 316
 2Separation Kettle I5L / 30MpaSUS 316
 3Separation Kettle II3L / 16MpaSUS 316
 4Filter2L / 16MpaSUS 304
 5Mixer2L / 50MpaSUS 304
 6CO2 Storage Tank5L  9.8MpaSUS 304
 7CO2 50Mpa Pump100L / H co2 flow rateSUS 304
 8Pipe diameterφ8SUS 304






For the supercritical extraction machine-

1.CO2 Pumb          2. Cooling System         3.Machine Valve

These are 3 most important parts that can directly tell by the machine quality and also influnce the machine production capacity and service time a lot.


Our CO2 Pumb adopted best quality in the market which using SUS 304Stainless steel body and 3 all ceramic stick to reduce the noise greatly and also will keep the machine work stably for long time.

The working pressure can achieve 50 Mpa instead of the normal pumb 40 Mpa.The using life is the normal pumb 5~10times.




High efficiency Air-cooled 5P type make CO2 storage tank low down the temperature fastly  and Inner with high quality compressor to make sure the machine work long time no break.


And we used the Australia brand COOLSON.Machine with Environmental refrigerant R407C meet the environmental standard and high heat exchange efficiency.


In Europe or Amercian countries R22 refrigerant  is forbidden once need supply is hard to find in Local.




 And this is the easy damage part.The using frequency is the highest in production.So this part we used the best brand in the market.This is the 'USA' brand TESCOM the valve brought the most reliable performance.



 All our kettle and valve interface all using SUS Stainless Steel 316 which is suitable for food grade  we also increase the thickness and screw depth about 5cm more to keep our customers safety.


The kettle and valve can bear max pressure 60Mpa instead of others 50Mpa. 





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