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2022 Live Stream In Progress

2022 Live Stream In Progress


With the changes of the times, Internet sales have also ushered in reform, domestic live broadcasting platforms are popular, and international sales have also begun to try live broadcasting sales.


Overnight, B2B businesses are also discussing the live broadcast of e-commerce. However, the C-end live broadcast is lively and aims to stimulate demand; The procurement demand of end B is planned, and its core value is the significant improvement of transformation efficiency.


Compared with focusing on carrying goods, b-end live broadcasting should consider trust establishment and efficient links.With the official opening of Alibaba international station home health life online exhibition on May 11, B2B cross-border trade has entered a new era of online exhibition. As an important part of online exhibition, cross-border B2B e-commerce live broadcast is also officially in the spotlight.


In this game, our company, Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co..Ltd as the leader will not let go of such an opportunity, so our live broadcast in 2022 is in full swing.


Below are also some key points of experience and summary that we willing to share everyone.

• In the process of live broadcasting, a clear identity of the anchor shall appear, and be responsible for introducing and explaining the relevant information of businesses and commodities

• The appearance of the anchor shall be neat and dignified

• The anchor must have a professional understanding of the business and products (including the basic information of the business, production process, product certification, product function demonstration, etc.), and it is better to have industry insight

• The anchor must have English ability, expression ability and on-site appeal

• The anchor should have field control ability

• Live broadcast products need to meet platform requirements

• The product needs to meet the theme of live broadcast, can well meet the attributes of live broadcast, and can be displayed in front of the camera

• New products (where are they? Design, process, material?)

• Explosive and hot products (selected by data housekeeper)


After a lot of preliminary preparations and the extraordinary performance of our host, our live broadcast effect is very good. We have received a large number of inquiries and orders from customers. We will continue to share our follow-up live broadcast experience.

Our live broadcast will be held every week. If you are interested in our clean room products and pharmaceutical machinery, please pay attention to our live broadcast room Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co.,Ltd. on Alibaba and look forward to your attention.


Suzhou Pharma Machinery Co.,Ltd.



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