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100 Liters Per Hour Vacuum Distillation Equipment

100 Liters Per Hour Vacuum Distillation Equipment

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Product Description

1.Evaporation Temperature:40℃~70℃.

2.Steam Pressure:0~0.3Mpa Cooling Water circulation temperature (In20℃ Out 25℃) 

3.Processing Ability:Cloud remove 80-95% alcohol from mixtrue liquid

4.Machine Material:Contact part all SUS 304/316 stainless steel.

5.Machine Voltage:As customer required.220V 380V 440V 480V

6.Operator quantity required:1~2

7.Heating Method:Steam heating(Recommend)

8.Evaporation Mode:Liquid be film to increase the evaporation area by falling drop.

9.The main features:

The equipment system operates under negative pressure, with continuous feeding and discharging, heating and evaporation time is short, and it is suitable for evaporation and concentration of heat sensitive materials.

The material is evaporated under vacuum in a fully sealed system, and the concentrated liquid is pollution-free.

The top cover of the heater is equipped with quick-opening device for easy cleaning.

The equipment has compact structure, small floor area and simple operation

Machine parameters
Evaporation Ability One Hour
50L /H
100 /H
Evaporation Temperature
Heating Resource
                                         Steam Heating(Recommand)
Condensor Chilling
                                  5℃ low temperature chiller or tap water
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