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The Story of Cannabis Growing Turnkey Project Workshop in Thailand

The Story of Cannabis Growing Turnkey Project Workshop in Thailand


Suzhou Pharma Machinery signed many very successful orders in 2023, and today let's learn about one of them - the story of a cannabis growing factory in Thailand.


The client in Thailand wanted a pharmaceutical turnkey project workshop for cannabis growing so they came to our company in the summer, to visit the sample room and experience the various equipment, including HVAC system, air shower, pass box, weighing room and so on. After learning Suzhou Pharma has done more than 500 cleanroom turnkey projects, they immediately decided to cooperate with us, and the order was signed.

Later, the order went smoothly, and the client's production workshop was also under smooth construction. In this process, they strongly invited us to do technical guidance. Therefore, our technicians go to the client's factory to do field measurement data to ensure the rationality of all designs and the smooth completion of installation and commissioning work in the future. Thus we began our business trip to Thailand. On the same day, we took off from Shanghai and landed successfully at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, 5 hours later. In the afternoon, we met with the client and continued to take the plane to the city where they worked, and then took the special car of the their factory for one and a half hours to arrive at the factory. On the way, we had Thai hot pot as dinner for the day. We also received a warm reception. After a rest in the hospitality room of the factory, the next day began the day of measurement and detail design work, and in the evening we had dinner with a member of the client company from Barcelona. On the third day, we continued to implement the specific design scheme and the quotation of the factory, visited the customer's factory, and returned to Suzhou after a happy trip. The clients thanked us for our guidance and spoke highly of our purification engineering and equipment.

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There are many more such stories, every year there are customers from all over the world to negotiate with us, covering cannabis growing turnkey projects, pharmaceutical workshops, microelectronics production workshops, daily chemical products production lines and so on. In the past decade, we have been known for our professionalism, with professional technical team, engineering team, business team to provide one-stop service for customers. Welcome contact us!

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