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Suzhou Phama 2021 Delivery Summary

Suzhou Phama 2021 Delivery Summary


In our busy work, we have unknowingly ushered in the new year 2022. In 2021, despite the ups and downs of the global epidemic, we are still continuing to ship stably. 

Looking back on 2021, this year's ocean transportation, we have experienced a series of problems such as shortage of space, late opening time, extended shipping schedule, and no reason to change the shipping schedule, which undoubtedly prolonged the time for customers to receive goods. Originally, customers could receive the goods in one month, but now the time of sea transportation is basically extended to one and a half months.

In this case, our company choose deliver the goods in advance under the condition of guaranteeing the quantity and quality of the goods, which ensures that the customer can receive the goods within the originally planned time.

For example, our old customers were a great trust in us. We have strengthened the packaging of the goods many times. On the basis of the original packaging, we have added double layers of protective cotton and corner guards between each panel to enhance the protection of the goods. In 2021, we have grown up against adversity, and we have also faced up to our shortcomings in our growth, so that our work can be more perfect.

2021 has passed, and in 2022, we will make more active efforts to follow up with every new and old friend, let us rewrite history, create brilliance and achieve better results. While ensuring the progress of the order, we will also guarantee the quality of the goods. Overcome deficiencies and continue to strive to make every order the best.


The year 2022, where opportunities and challenges coexist, risks and benefits coexist, has come to us. In the new year, Suzhou Pharma will continue to take active actions, unite as one, strive to develop, and work hard to achieve the company's 2022 goals with more enthusiasm and higher fighting spirit.


On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, all the staff of Suzhou Pharma would like to extend your best wishes.


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