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PHARMA CLEAN——Clean Room Accessories European Shipment

PHARMA CLEAN——Clean Room Accessories European Shipment


On the traditional Chinese solar term of Grain Full, Suzhou Pharma Machinery made its third shipment in May. Due to various complex reasons, the recent shipments have been different from the original plan. However, with our rich experience, sufficient preparation, and accurate grasp of details, we have successfully completed each shipment. Looking forward to the moment when our European loyal customers receive clean room accessories and share their joy with us.

The cleanroom products shipped to Europe include:

  • Purified steel door. It is a door designed for places that require a highly clean environment, such as hospital operating rooms, pharmaceutical factories, food processing plants, electronic semiconductor workshops, etc. These doors are designed and manufactured in accordance with strict specifications to ensure that they meet the requirements of clean rooms for air filtration and pollution prevention.

  • The double-layer glass. The double-layer tempered glass in the clean room is a safe transparent material designed for high cleanliness environment, which is widely used in areas where observation is required and strict dust-free conditions must be maintained, such as biological laboratories, semiconductor clean rooms, hospital surgical observation rooms.

  • LED flat panel light. Modern clean rooms tend to use cleanroom led ceiling lights because they have the advantages of high efficiency, long life, low heat output, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, reducing the potential impact on the clean room environment and sensitive materials. LED flat panel lights can meet the requirements of light intensity, uniformity, dust-free, easy cleaning and energy saving in a high-cleanliness environment.

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Before each shipment, we will make detailed loading plans and a list of goods; Test circuits, equipment for normal use, etc; During the loading process, we will strictly control the details, take photos and videos, etc; Provide feedback to customers and update information in a timely manner after shipment. For over a decade, we have followed this process for every shipment and have never relaxed. It is precisely because of such excellent quality that customers from developed countries such as the UK, Germany, and France in Europe are willing to establish long-term cooperative relationships with us. We continue to provide them with essential equipment, accessories, and other products for purification engineering. Welcome contact!

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