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We provide 100% custom design from clean room turnkey project to cleaning equipment, and extraction machinery.

Cleanroom design

In order to know your requirement, there’s a structure condition table to fill in and supply CAD layout, so that we can provide correct scheme and quotation.


Our engineers and surveyors, supported by state-of-the-art computer systems, develop the graphic designs, attempting to adopt the best solution in order to optimise all the spaces, in accordance with the GMP guidelines.


GMP review services can be provided by PHARMA CLEAN, even with the simple purpose of conducting a preliminary project overview.

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Production and delivery

Production and delivery
PHARMA has very strict control on the production link, and the operation department and the quality inspection department jointly supervise to achieve double verification and zero errors.
Before the goods leave the factory, they are assembled, spliced, and powered on to ensure that the customized products fully meet the standards in terms of quality and size.
This is because we are convinced that in our sector, in clean room construction, which is continuously expanding also from a competitive point of view, strict quality control is a key aspect which deserves utmost perseverance.
PHARMA CLEAN has invested heavily in new automation technologies for production, significantly reducing the factory processing times, whilst dedicating greater attention and time to the materials production phase. The strong increase in exports over the last decade has obliged us to steer our attention to our capability to monitor and track every single item produced and sold, in order to continue to minimize production and shipping errors. 

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Abroad Installation

The company has a installation team with full experiences in handling national and international projects, they have been to more than 30 countries.

we employ highly qualified staff with many years of experience in the construction of clean rooms. It is vital to emphasise our ability to provide direct installation services, at an international level, thanks to our teams specialised in the assembly of clean rooms. Guarantee of perfect execution and extremely accurate details.

PHARMA CLEAN currently boasts a high number of technicians for installation and supervision services, divided into 5 teams, for a total of 25 people. Direct collaborators (employees and freelance), with continuous work relationships.


24 hours on-line service

All of customer will enjoy 24 hours pre-sale and after sale online service, we build a discussing group that both salesman and engineer join us to answer your question and provide technical support.


PHARMA CLEAN is dedicated to keeping in contact with its customers even at the end of the installation of the material, and is always available for any future request.


PHARMA CLEAN always maintains an information based relationship with its customers, updating them whenever there is any news in the clean room sector.



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