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Germany Cleanroom Sandwich Plate Transport By Land

Germany Cleanroom Sandwich Plate Transport By Land


Today, Suzhou Pharma Co., Ltd. has shipped our clean room plate and color steel door products to Germany by land transportation.Land transport has the advantage of being faster than sea transport, that is, the transport time is shorter than sea transport.

The hot-selling clean room board of our company is mainly color steel rock wool sandwich board, with good flame retardant, solid quality;

Color steel door namely color coating steel plate door, beautiful appearance and firmly safety, price is moderate, it is the mainstream product of international market.

Suzhou Pharma color steel door is based on cold rolled galvanized sheet, made by modern technology of color coating for building external coil, using corrosion resistant resin coating, completely overcome the corrosion of ordinary steel door, durability has been greatly extended.You have the following reasons to buy our products: 1. Corrosion resistance 2. Good physical performance 3. Long service life 4. Good sealing 5.Highly decorative.Suzhou Pharma company welcomes your presence and purchase.



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