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European Shipment is On the Way

European Shipment is On the Way


September 4th, 2023, there were three sets of containers shipped to Europe by Suzhou Pharma Machinery. As the leader of purification engineering, who has done more than 500 clean room project all of the world, this kind of delivery site is already our daily work. We have stable and huge request distributor in European market. As well as we have a large amount of development country clients. PHARMA CLEAN is Detail oriented. Because we record the production and loading process to give video show, and we give clients 3D installation video custom made.

In this blog, let's take a look at some clean room fittings.

The pharmaceutical clean room door is made of cold rolled steel with smooth surface and safe quality. The door frame and the wall are kept in the same plane, which is more beautiful and meets the requirements of health use in various industries. Different sizes are available.

Compared with conventional energy saving light, the lighting efficiency of LED panel light enhances 2 times. LED panel light can save 50% energy, compared with conventional energy saving light. So it is more economical and environment-friendly. As the perfect replacement of energy saving light, the operating costs will be greatly reduced. Different sizes are also available.

The PVC floor can be seamless processing. It has good wear-resistant and corrosion resistance, which may by corroded by acid, alkali and medicine. The PVC floor is anti-static, anti-slip and easy to clean.



Suzhou Pharma Machinery has a complete R & D, design, manufacturing and sales system, specializing in pharmaceutical, electronics, biological, food, cosmetic industries. If you are looking for a purification engineering manufacturer who is reliable, hardworking, and effective, then we are the one for you. Trust us, tell us your needs and cooperate with us, you will get the most perfect clean room that meets the strictest standards!



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