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Daily Delivery

Daily Delivery


On June 5, 2022, the weather was not good, and it was raining heavily, but it did not obliterate our will to deliver goods and our determination to serve customers. In one morning, we dispatched two cars of 40-foot containers of plates, and in the afternoon, we started to issue air conditioners. The weather has gradually improved, and 3 trucks of 40-foot containers were dispatched in one morning and one afternoon, which fully demonstrated our packing efficiency and our spirit of not being afraid of difficult environments.


At present, clean room is our leading project. If you need, we will design two-dimensional clean room drawings and three-dimensional clean room physical demonstration drawings for you, which is more convenient for you to confirm. After the contract is signed, production can be carried out. When preparing for production , we will update the drawings and modeling in more detail, turn your clean room 2D drawings into more detailed material drawings, every detail is demonstrated in the drawings to facilitate your installation, and coupled with 3D video animations, Drawing videos are combined with each other to dispel all your concerns about construction.


Efficient packing and delivery, high-quality product experience, 24-hour meticulous service, SUZHOU PHARMA MACHINERY CO.LTD. looks forward to cooperating with you




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