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Cleanroom Fittings Delivery to Europe --- PHARMA CLEAN

Cleanroom Fittings Delivery to Europe --- PHARMA CLEAN


November 10th, 2023, there were two 40 feet high containers of cleanroom fittings shipped to Europe by Suzhou Pharma Machinery, again. Yes, it is near the MOST busy period. The shipments have continued! And we’ve been moving forward!

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Why do so many customers around the world choose to build clean rooms? Because clean rooms project plays undesirable roles in the following aspects:


Production Process

Production environment is one of the key factors restricting high-tech production. For example, in the chip production process of the microelectronics industry, the control of particles must reach the molecular level, otherwise production cannot be carried out or defective products are produced. In the production environment of antibiotics, if there are certain microorganisms, then production cannot continue.


Production Efficiency

Production environment affects production efficiency in the following aspects: First, a good production environment can not only protect the physical and mental health of production personnel, but also improve their work mood and enthusiasm. Secondly, the smooth progress of production improves the yield of products.


Product Quality

Production environment is one of the important factors affecting product quality. For example, products if contaminated with dust, will reduce quality or even lead to scrapping. In the food processing industry, the presence of microorganisms will shorten the shelf life and reduce product quality.


Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is mainly caused by industrial pollution. Among them, air pollution and water pollution have an impact on people’s health and can also affect the production process/quality. Therefore to reduce the impact of indoor pollution on the production process, it is necessary to improve clean technology.

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Suzhou Pharma Machinery has a complete R & D, design, manufacturing and sales system, specializing in pharmaceutical, electronics, biological, food, cosmetic industries. If you are looking for a purification engineering manufacturer who is reliable, hardworking, and effective, then we are the one for you. Trust us, tell us your needs and cooperate with us, you will get the most perfect clean room that meets the strictest standards!



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