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2023 Shipping To USA And Some Useful Suggestions

2023 Shipping To USA And Some Useful Suggestions



At beginning of 2023,Shanghai seaport just recovery to the normal shipping operation,From now on, we also full speed to ship our orders during blocking in months ago.


Below are the shipping pictures we are loading the goods to the track drove from Shanghai seaport.We all very happy that shanghai seaport could returned to normal operation,Because it is the closest seaport from us and also the biggest seaport in China,


So our customers please do not need worry about the shipping,you can place the order freely and we will do our best to ship them asap so there no other problems about shipping dely.



Below are also some points that we share to our new customers or someone are not familiar with  

The international shipping,And lean about them much could save much on the shipping and avoid the bad things happen!


A. To choose the appropriate delivery channel. Different logistics channels have their own advantages. Some have advantages in the price sent to Western Europe, some have advantages in the price sent to Eastern Europe, some have advantages in the price sent to Africa, some have advantages in customs clearance, and some have guaranteed speed. Choosing the right delivery channel can save a lot of logistics costs


B. And it is better to seal the articles that are vulnerable and easy to leak before delivery, and add foam bags and other appropriate protection to prevent damage to the goods. The price of international express is calculated according to the weight and volume weight. Reasonable space arrangement and volume control can save a lot of freight


C. For the recipient's information, including the recipient's name, address, telephone number, postal code, e-mail address, city and other relevant information, shall be as detailed and accurate as possible to ensure the smooth delivery of goods


D.The generation of tariff is determined based on your own type of goods, the quantity and value of goods and the customs policies of the country of destination. The probability of levying duties on normal personal belongings is very small. Generally, the declared value of your goods does not exceed the tariff threshold of the customs passing through the country. Generally, there is no need to pay duties



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